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Recently I’ve been posting a lot more. Unfortunately, this has lead to the discovery of a few issues with the preview option in the new post screen on MB. Naturally, I then tried to figure out how to get a real preview of my post and found one. When logged into on the web go to Posts > Pages > New Page, title the new page, be prepared to type it in when navigating to this page. Now the important part, at the bottom of the text box UNCHECK Include this page in your blog navigation” this gives you a page you can access by navigating to it, but a typical user wouldn’t be able to find. I have been using this for the last couple days, and it has been great to see what the post will look like on my custom Marfa theme. Once I’m ready to post the draft, I clear out the text from this page and update to make sure I’m prepared for the next post.
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I’m back to using a Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac w/Blue switches. I had been using the Apple bluetooth keyboard for a little while so
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I think about switching to Blot or another self hosted blog but find that I like the ease of using for hosting and not having to worry

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