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How Can I Just Write?

How can I just write?

Why I Made Today I Learned by @simonwoods

Micro.blog was the first blogging platform that I found which gave no friction to get words onto my blog; it answered this same question for me perfectly. My previous attempts at blogging never held, in part because of the hassle of getting words into it. I have multiple archives of blogs, usually 2-3 months of posts each. Micro.blog is the only one I’ve stuck with, coming up on a year in February.

It’s interesting to look back at my posts and see the similarities of my Twitter habits follow to Micro.blog, but after a few months, I broke free. On Twitter, I watched and barely interacted except for likes and retweets. On Micro.blog if I like a post, I’ll reply to the post stating so, or quote the line (such as this post) and reply in the form of a post.

In ten months of being a part of Micro.blog, I’ve been writing more, became less afraid to get involved in conversations as I see them, and genuinely enjoy coming to Micro.blog to interact with others. I cannot say thank you to @manton enough for bringing Micro.blog into the world, and @macgenie for helping foster and develop a community worth being part of.

I’m looking forward to what 2019 brings for Micro.blog.


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