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I’ll preface this with saying I am decidedly against likes on Micro.blog. I feel we should be interacting via conversations with other users instead of liking a post. That said, I am testing out Like posts on my test blog, and I am conflicted, I know they are not the exact same as likes, but they do feel similar to likes in that it is a passing nod of the head, or more common today, the grimace smile I see people use instead of a proper greeting. On the other hand, I do like that they give you an easy way to share a link to a site using an IndieWeb standard that one might not have enough interest in writing about. Of course, that brings up the question, if you don’t want to write about it and cannot find a single sentence worth quoting or directly bring others attention to, is it worth sharing?

Does anyone have any feelings one way or another on Like posts?

Some ground rules I’d set up for myself include:

  1. No Like posting another Micro.blog users post
  2. Only use when there is nothing I would want to quote or write about

I am currently leaning towards not moving this over to my main blog, but on my M.b Timeline, I see these types of posts go by and usually enjoy clicking through to the link. Any feedback would be very welcome.


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