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BrainBox Shortcuts

TheBrain’s BrainBox is a great new feature in version 10. Think of BrainBox as a global inbox for TheBrain. On the desktop, you can add files to it, and in browsers, you can add URLs. Unfortunately, it falls short on iOS in capturing in different applications and different data types.

I’ve created two shortcuts to compensate for the inability to capture URLs anywhere but Safari or Safari web view.

  1. Add to BrainBox: takes the currently open page of an application in a web view and passes the URL to the share sheet, at which point BrainBox can be seen, and the URL can be sent to it.
  2. Add Clipboard to BrainBox: takes the current clipboard then shares it to the share sheet as a URL, at which point BrainBox can be invoked to pick up the URL and save to TheBrain.

Both of these actions do not require the opening of TheBrain due to the BrainBox syncing within the extension.

My BrainBox Wish List:

  1. Add other data types, such as Text Files, Photos, and Outlines.
  2. Web view on app.thebrain.com (Which is supposedly being developed)
  3. Integration within Shortcuts; Not just an extension but API access within Shortcuts will enable so many actions throughout iOS.

I’m looking forward to how TheBrain Technologies further develops BrainBox and hope to see at least the first two on my wish list added before the year is out. Hopefully the third is added at some point because I do believe that a great many people will make some great Shortcuts to improve their workflows.


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