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Your Task Manager as a Read Later Service

OmniFocus as a Read Later Service - Matt Birchler

Ok, hear me out, but I’ve been using OmniFocus as my read later” service for about a month and it’s kind of working great for me.

In January, I made the switch to using Todoist, my task manager, as my read later service, and I have had the same experience. I’m never anywhere without internet, and Safari Reader View is excellent about showing only the content I want to read so the advantages that Pocket/Instapaper/DEVONthink offered of offline storage and simplified view were negated. Once done with an article, I will complete the task then do one of two things, 1. Process it to DEVONthink as a simplified PDF while sending it to Pinboard or 2. Only keep the completed task as a reference.

In Todoist I use Favorite Filters a lot, my read later list is one of them. Each article is formatted like such: Read: [Name](www.example.com) since Markdown is processed in Todoist it shows the live link unless I edit the task. Every other perspective/filter has a filter to stop any tasks starting with Read: from appearing. Recently, I’ve been watching more YouTube videos and instructional videos online, so I’ve also set up a Watch list as well, and that has also been very useful.

The thing that made this click for me was the realization that for me, my reading list is really just a list of things I plan on doing later. This is exactly what everything else in my task management system is, so why did things I wanted to read get broken out into this whole separate app that both took up more space on my home screen and on my cognitive load?

Matt’s line of thinking was precisely what drove me to move from Pinboard/Pocket/DEVONthink as my Read Later service in January. I have all the links I can read later in a task list which I review daily, and I know how much time I’ll have to read that day because I’ve already reviewed other projects for the day. Also when I have some downtime, I know where I saved the article/page link, instead of my previous hodgepodge of link saving between the aforementioned Pinboard, Pocket, and DEVONthink.

For anyone with a constant internet connection, and are tired of using multiple apps for the same type of processing I would recommend giving your Task Manager a shot at your Read Later needs. Doesn’t matter which Task Manager you use, at this point, they all can filter out specific tasks, so your reading tasks don’t clutter your real tasks.

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