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2019-03-07I removed the Status posts from my blog’s entries page and created a new page to display them. I’m also considering changing the tag from Status to
2019-02-26Switched over to a JSON feed after seeing some issues with posting to Now all posts are coming through.
2019-01-11Debating to separate my short posts for out into a secondary Blot blog with a separate domain, then keep my regular domain/Blot site for
2019-01-10The last friction I had using Blot is gone. Yesterday the summary metadata was fixed to show the first line when the title field was blank, if
2019-01-05Webmentions and Discuss on
2019-01-01I realized the error in my original set up of my Blot post structures in Dropbox. Which was add all of the post files to the Post folder without
2018-12-27Had some time yesterday and today to get a couple of items on my Blot wishlist done. Both web mentions and comments are now up and running, big
2018-12-23After the migration to Blot
2018-12-22Hello from! I’m officially moved over and ready to start posting. Thank you to @amit and @Blot for their help and patience, they were both
2018-12-20Trying to figure out the best solution for and Blot. I’m going back and forth between going all in on Blot or keeping, but
2018-12-18Just started a @blot site for a test to see if I should move over from a hosted account and my goodness is it fast to propogate. I’m

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