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2019-08-11As I go back to using TheBrain as my Commonplace book, I’ve also moved to using it as my reading list. DEVONthink has held this function for a while
2019-05-20I’m amazed at how much faster syncing DEVONthink databases to WebDAV on the Synology is compared to iCloud and Dropbox. It’s ridiculously faster
2019-05-20Set up WebDav on my Synology and changed a couple of DEVONthink databases over to the WebDav for syncing. It’s ridiculously fast, and now I’m
2019-05-17Monica CRM Experiment
2019-05-14I’ve switched to storing all software licenses in a DEVONthink database. It’s easier than creating a record in 1Password with all the information.
2019-04-29Thanks to MacDrifters Moving Text Between Drafts and DEVONthink and DEVONthink Server 3 I can finally sync my blog drafts through DEVONthink and
2019-04-24I really love DEVONthink and I use the web server in Pro Office. I’m having a tough time swallowing the $399 upgrade price tag for two Server
2019-04-02Rise and Fall of Evernote
2019-01-10Finally getting around to archiving about 8GBs of email (~7 years) from my old Gmail account to DEVONthink. Takes a while for it to grab all of the
2018-12-29The only item on my wishlist for DEVONthink To Go is for the clipper to be expanded so that I don’t have to scroll to see the tags entry area. On a
2018-12-13Push Notifications for Sync & More → DEVONthink 2.11 and DEVONthink To Go 2.7, released today, add push notifications to the synchronization.
2018-10-25In advance of my ScanSnap ix1500 arriving tomorrow, DEVONtechnologies released DEVONthink 2.10.2, which restores integration after the switch to
2018-07-27Due to my job shifting to an Enterprise Applications Administrator I’ve had to resort to using Windows. I mainly use DEVONthink Pro Office for my

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