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2019-05-08⚽ Liverpool played strong yesterday, hopefully able to reproduce the match play in the CL finals.
2019-04-26⚽ Champions League: Enjoy Ajax While You Still Can - WSJ “It is an illusion that we can keep this team together,” Ajax general manager Marc
2018-12-29Liverpool really thrashed Arsenal today, with Tottenham falling to the Wolves that puts us 9 points clear on the board. Manchester City on Thursday.
2018-12-26Liverpool is now 6 points up on the board. Arsenal on Saturday, should be a good match to watch. ⚽️
2018-12-09Somehow I missed Liverpool taking first place yesterday and Man. City losing to Chelsea. Let’s hope we can keep it. YNWA!
2018-08-15Revelation of a Liverpool Soccer Fan → The only religious commitment I have is to the Liverpool Football Club. Agreed.
2018-06-28Really need England and Panama to win today so that I get that Group perfect in my bracket.
2018-06-22Really hoping Germany doesn’t fall to the same issues as France, Italy, and Spain: What’s the German Word for ‘Cursed at the World Cup’?

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