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2021-03-15This is to test a redirect to micro.blog
2019-08-13Keyboard Maestro v9 is out. Immediate purchase for me.
2019-08-11As I go back to using TheBrain as my Commonplace book, I’ve also moved to using it as my reading list. DEVONthink has held this function for a while
2019-07-25iOS 13 has been very stable for me. I’m encountering bugs in Mail, but nothing that backing out then going back in doesn’t solve. Dark mode is
2019-07-25We are 2 nights away from sleeping on our new Sleep Number bed, and I am shaking with excitement. 🛏
2019-07-22☕️ Capital One Café has surprisingly great cold brew, with the added bonus of 50% off when you pay with a Capital One card. A great large 24oz cold
2019-07-22I cannot wait for the price of SSDs to decrease. I’m right on the verge of purchasing a few 4TB SSDs for my various machines and they are just out
2019-07-18Thanks to TheBrain Summer Sale I paid less than I would have for the discounted upgrade to the Pro Combo.
2019-07-13We purchased a Sleep Number bed which will be delivered in 2 weeks. I’m extremely excited, and really wish they had an earlier delivery date.
2019-07-09I may or may not be trying out OmniFocus again. Now that I’m on macOS at both work and at home I don’t need true cross platform service, and I love
2019-07-03🎆 Rather excited for the 4th tomorrow. Parade, then swimming and cookout during the day, followed by three different town fireworks shows. Have a
2019-07-01I wrote a post about my loss of motivation for writing during the end of the month due to personal loss in my life. One of the more personal things
2019-06-26Just purchased 64 GB memory upgrade for my Mac Pro. I’m also looking at dual 27-inch 4K displays, but haven’t done enough research yet to decide on
2019-06-24In my on going obsession to privatize my data exposure, I’ve set up VPN Plus Server on my Synology router. Works great, and allows me to close
2019-06-22I wrote some thoughts on Resilio Sync. TLDR: Still looking for a syncing solution.
2019-06-22Time to update my main VPS, wiki, blog comments, and links may stop working for a little while. Should be back shortly though, nothing went wrong on
2019-06-20I really need the new Synology Drive On-demand Sync to be added to the macOS client and I think I’ll be ready to drop Dropbox to the free tier.
2019-06-20Somehow it escaped my attention that Slack now has full Dark mode support on iOS.
2019-06-20Cleaned up my GitHub repos and made my Hugo site repo public.
2019-06-20My brief trial of Syncthing was cut short due to the lack of an iOS app. I spent ~20 minutes testing on two Macs then went to install on iOS and
2019-06-19AT&T Lays Off Thousands After Nabbing Billions In Tax Breaks And Regulatory Favors → The Trump tax cut resulted in AT&T getting billions in
2019-06-19I’m using Dynalist as a cross platform bookmark syncing tool and it’s amazing. I can organize them by header categories and write notes under each
2019-06-19Feedbin’s load full content is one of its greatest features and keeps me using the web UI. I’ve not found a site yet that it doesn’t work on, and it
2019-06-17I’ve been fighting with Resilio for 3 days off and on trying to get it to use the Let’s Encrypt certificate that I use for my NAS. Every other
2019-06-16Successful trip to Ikea today, got a dresser and two side tables. Now headed home to build them. 🔨
2019-06-14Testing out Synology Drive and Resilio for private file syncing. Drive has more options, easier to use, and uses about a quarter of the resources
2019-06-14It’s a gorgeous 62°F out this morning and sunny! Wish I was headed to the park instead of the office.
2019-06-11Micro.blog for macOS version 1.9 → Added new Open option when clicking a post to open it in your web browser. Useful for copying the link or
2019-06-07For those who post link or like posts, meaning posts filled with links you’ve read over the past week, what do you use to keep track of those you
2019-06-05I think it’s time for Tapbots to take a stab at a Micro.blog app. I remember they ported Tweetbot to an App.net app and was by far the best App.net
2019-06-04Why does it take Google Drive 5-10 minutes to process a 30MB MP4 file but Dropbox is immediately viewable via shareable link?
2019-06-02Thank you @blot for the new Archive Theme. I switched my Photos blog to Archive today and I love it! Definitely the best (IMH) photos template right
2019-05-30Had drinks with coworkers that are definitely more friends than coworkers. It was a lot of fun and makes me glad I’ve made these relationships into
2019-05-28Productive day so far: ✅ Town Parking Sticker ✅ Inspection Sticker ✅ Packages Mailed ✅ Key Fob Batteries Replaced
2019-05-20I’m amazed at how much faster syncing DEVONthink databases to WebDAV on the Synology is compared to iCloud and Dropbox. It’s ridiculously faster
2019-05-20Set up WebDav on my Synology and changed a couple of DEVONthink databases over to the WebDav for syncing. It’s ridiculously fast, and now I’m
2019-05-18New Notes Editor in TheBrain 11 → This new editor will be a flagship feature in TheBrain 11… It’s internally written code, giving us far greater
2019-05-15The only action I really need in Drafts for Mac ASAP is to export the current file with the Title (first line) as the name of the file and remove it
2019-05-15Today I was finally able to switch to a Mac at work. The final application I used daily was migrated to a cloud app, everything else was already on
2019-05-15Planning out the Adobe migration to Creative Cloud is horrible. With computers ranging in their deployment, we are resorting to Ghost deployment and
2019-05-14I’ve switched to storing all software licenses in a DEVONthink database. It’s easier than creating a record in 1Password with all the information.
2019-05-12I really want to get into Tinderbox but it’s a steep learning curve and some things in the UI and organizing the notes in the map view are very
2019-05-11Started watching The Village. We quite like it, lots of different vibrant characters. Ever since Modern Family I like shows that follow different
2019-05-08Beautiful morning today, 57ºF currently. Wish I was out on the water and not at work today.
2019-05-08⚽ Liverpool played strong yesterday, hopefully able to reproduce the match play in the CL finals.
2019-05-06Life has been far to hectic the last 2 weeks due to the end of the semester for both my job and my Masters program. Masters finished for the
2019-05-02Thanks to this guide I got Monica CRM up and running within a half hour. I really like the look of it, and it offers an API. Now I need to install
2019-05-01May 2019 Home Screen
2019-04-29Thanks to MacDrifters Moving Text Between Drafts and DEVONthink and DEVONthink Server 3 I can finally sync my blog drafts through DEVONthink and
2019-04-26No idea what it is but I am exhausted today. I want to go home and sleep, hopefully leaving early today as long as no one schedules a meeting
2019-04-26⚽ Champions League: Enjoy Ajax While You Still Can - WSJ “It is an illusion that we can keep this team together,” Ajax general manager Marc
2019-04-26After a flirtation with Git as my Blot sync client I went back to Dropbox. It’s much easier to post to Dropbox than to Working Copy from Drafts.
2019-04-26Brave sync completely botch my bookmarks, and due to iCloud on Windows, it destroyed them on all but one Apple device. On my MacBook Pro, I quickly
2019-04-24I really love DEVONthink and I use the web server in Pro Office. I’m having a tough time swallowing the $399 upgrade price tag for two Server
2019-04-23I’m removing the Previous and Next posts under the current post on my blog. I’ve never used them on anyone else’s site and I believe they are added
2019-04-22Had to tape up another Field Notes binding. It’s how you know your getting heavy use out of it.
2019-04-22I’ve created a new Blot.im site for my photos: photos.joshsullivan.io. I’ve decided it would be better to separate them out to a separate blog than
2019-04-21We ordered from a new Chinese take away last night. It was great, so much better than our old place. The new one has been open for about a year, and
2019-04-18Not happy looking at the forecast for the next week. Rain every day. 😒
2019-04-18I’m starting to pare down the software I use. I’m trying to simplify my choices to 1-2 options per OS per task. For example, notes will be done in
2019-04-17I love writing my posts in Drafts on iOS and macOS. Unfortunately Monday-Friday 7:45-15:45 I’m stuck on Windows and therefore when I go to work on a
2019-04-15If iOS 13 only new feature was a new volume HUD I would be truly pleased. Full dark mode would be a great extra.
2019-04-14I realized I’ve missed a few notifications for Micro.blog posts recently because I didn’t get the iOS notification. I guess it’s time to set a
2019-04-12Spent the last couple hours making some blog changes. Biggest change for me was changing post tag to which fits better for what the posts are for.
2019-04-11Got Isso Comments working for my blog. Glad to have an option for people who aren’t on Micro.blog or want to comment directly on the page.
2019-04-09Is Stratechery worth the cost? I’m debating whether to purchase a year subscription, but wanted to see if anyone has an opinion on whether it’s
2019-04-07I wish more online developers and retailers took Apple Pay, it makes it so easy to confirm on the Apple Watch and pay, all information sent from
2019-04-06✅ Taxes Now testing out Fork macOS Git client thanks to @dgold for telling me about it.
2019-04-05With my move iCloud Drive, I was hoping Ulysses would have iCloud Drive support. Unfortunately, the Ulysses library does not show its folder. I
2019-04-05BBEdit on the Mac App store along with Transmit is finally making me believe that Apple is serious about the Mac App Store. Also I am really looking
2019-04-04Officially moved over to Git client for my Blot.im blog. I like it better than Dropbox because I can add the new post to the correct folder then
2019-04-03I think tomorrow I’ll be moving Blot from Dropbox client to Git client. Between Drafts, Working Copy, and Sublime Text plugins I have a workflow
2019-04-03I’m thinking about moving to Git on my server for storing my Blot.im files instead of Dropbox. Dropbox’s big draw for me was when I needed cross
2019-03-30Dinner tonight was ground turkey in red sauce over spaghetti squash. It was so good, definitely going to be in our rotation of easy dinners to cook.
2019-03-30Now that AirPower is dead, I’m going to have to purchase the Nomad Base Station for charging AirPods, Apple Watch, and iPhone. Shipping delayed
2019-03-30As the weather gets warmer, I spend more time outside getting ready for warm weather. Gaff hook is cleaned and ready, poles are strung with new
2019-03-25I was not expecting to sign up for the Apple Card before the event today, but learning about it has changed my mind. I will now be signing up
2019-03-25It’s always nice when 43°F feels like warm spring weather after a harsh cold winter.
2019-03-24🍿 Watched: The Widow The Widow is an excellent show with a satisfying beginning, middle, and ending within one season. Lots of twists make for a
2019-03-24Everyone else is getting notifications that their AirPods have shipped for delivery by Tuesday and I’m still stuck at “Preparing to Ship” with
2019-03-24Pinboard is now searching full text again, and I finally feel comfortable in moving the articles saved in DEVONthink to Pinboard, but will continue
2019-03-23Thinking of purchasing the Space Gray Magic Keyboard, does anyone have any experience with one? Any opinions one way or the other?
2019-03-22Thanks to a mixture of Transmit and Hazel on macOS and FileBrowser for Business on iOS I now have a workflow for adding images to blog posts easily
2019-03-20Thanks to @canion introducing me to the Cooling-Off Period. I have 4 purchases that I want to make but am going to wait until April to start
2019-03-20Purchased the new AirPods immediately. Delivery between 3/27 and 3/29, last time they came a day early so hopefully the same this time.
2019-03-19Since Maciej started working on Pinboard full time again, it’s received great improvements. My favorite improvement has been the ~1 minute
2019-03-17Recently I’ve only visited Micro.blog in the mornings. It’s helped me read more and gives me time to plan out thoughtful responses. Nothing against
2019-03-14Recently I’ve found myself more willing to ask people questions online or via email. I believe this change can be attributed to my active presence
2019-03-12I was happy to see DEVONtechnologies move their forum to a discourse instance. Easier to keep track of threads and categories.
2019-03-11@jack @canion I’m thinking about getting a camera and I saw Andrew has a Nikon, I found a Nikon D7500 on Amazon with a 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G lens, do
2019-03-10I’ve been watching Mock the Week all day on this snowy/rainy day. I love British TV it’s so much better than US TV.
2019-03-09Glad to see @manton added yearly billing for Micro.blog hosting. I still have my Micro.blog hosting and switched to yearly billing immediately.
2019-03-07I removed the Status posts from my blog’s entries page and created a new page to display them. I’m also considering changing the tag from Status to
2019-03-04Between TextExpander and Drafts, I have a great workflow for posting to Blot on iOS. On the Mac, I’m writing the posts in Drafts, then going to iOS
2019-03-04UPS units are a great tool to have at home. Lost power for ~30 seconds this morning while I was working on my Mac and other than disrupting the
2019-02-28A project I’ve been working on for the last 3 months is going live Monday! 🎉
2019-02-28Wttr.in is out of queries, I guess I won’t be added the weather to my journal yet. 😔
2019-02-26I don’t think I would classify NCIS as Retro TV Netflix:
2019-02-26Waiting for the boat in the 30°F with wind chill 16°F. Not a great way to end the day.
2019-02-26I want to move to iA Writer everywhere, but the lack of TextExpander support on iOS is killing me. I thought I could get away without it on iOS, but
2019-02-26Switched over to a JSON feed after seeing some issues with posting to Micro.blog. Now all posts are coming through.
2019-02-26Glad to see Apple Music hopefully coming to Google Home. I understood keeping it within the Apple platform to force purchase of Apple devices, but
2019-02-22Rebellion series 2 is out today. I know what I’ll be watching this weekend.
2019-02-18I love the look of Carbonize shared code snippets and want to start using them. I also don’t want to force people to have to rewrite the code, so
2019-02-18❄️ I didn’t check the weather forecast for today and woke up to ~3 inches of snow with drifts close to 3 feet due to the wind. Thankfully I have
2019-02-17For anyone who has a single file journal for the day and time stamps entries: Do you time stamp in chronological or reverse order? I’m trying to set
2019-02-16I wish TiddlyWiki was using something other than Google Groups for their user forum. I’d prefer a Discourse instance or almost anything else. GG
2019-02-16TiddlyWiki now up at joshisms.io. It has most of the same content, the Changelog is different and the journal is new with it being easier to manage
2019-02-06🍿 Watched: Rebellion Rebellion is a five part serial drama about the birth of modern Ireland. The story is told from the perspectives of a group
2019-02-05The amount of people who are in Boston for the Patriots parade who are already drunk is ridiculous. It is 8:30 A.M. and I’ve seen about 20 people
2019-02-01Dropshare’s iOS app was updated to allow for shortening links on iOS. I think this is the year I stop using CloudApp. It’s overpriced for what it
2019-01-31On the one hand, I love how easy VDI environments are to manage. On the other, VMware is a cesspool of terribleness that should be burned to the
2019-01-30The new customization options on Micro.blog hosted blogs look nice. Glad to see more options for greater customization along with categories.
2019-01-28I’m considering subscribing to The Economist. Does anyone on Micro.blog read it or previously subscribed? Do you have an opinion one way or another?
2019-01-28🍿 Watched: Polar
2019-01-28📖 Currently Reading: Atomic Habits by James Clear
2019-01-23Purchased AirPods Wings and AirPods Waterproof Case. I’ll see how it goes, but I need something for the AirPods to keep them in my ear during heavy
2019-01-23Micro.blog adding dark mode on the macOS app has moved my Micro.blog usage on the Mac completely to the app. Thanks @manton!
2019-01-22With Apple Pay coming to Target, I’m down to Cumberland Farms as the only place I go regularly that still doesn’t accept Apple Pay. Hopefully it
2019-01-19I usually go grocery shopping Saturday or Sunday morning, decided the previous weekend by which day I have breakfast with my grandmother. Last week
2019-01-16I’m trying to find a writing app for Windows for blogging. Currently, I am using Notepad++, which I use for script/file editing. I sometimes use
2019-01-13Weekly grocery shop done before 8:30 with about 15 other shoppers in the store. I call that a successful trip. ✅
2019-01-12🍿 Watching: BirdBox
2019-01-11Purchased a Mechanical Bluetooth Keyboard on a recommendation. I’ll also be buying a Pocket Tripod once the black version is in stock. Together
2019-01-11Since mid-December, we’ve been unable to migrate accounts to Office 365 and been back and forth with Microsoft regarding the issue. Finally today we
2019-01-11Debating to separate my short posts for Micro.blog out into a secondary Blot blog with a separate domain, then keep my regular domain/Blot site for
2019-01-10The Bose QC 35II were the best purchase I’ve made in a while. They are amazing for noise canceling and sound quality is great.
2019-01-10Finally getting around to archiving about 8GBs of email (~7 years) from my old Gmail account to DEVONthink. Takes a while for it to grab all of the
2019-01-10The last friction I had using Blot is gone. Yesterday the summary metadata was fixed to show the first line when the title field was blank, if
2019-01-07I didn’t realize you could set up the Micro.blog iOS app to post to a Micropub. Thanks to @mattfinlayson for pointing that out.
2019-01-07Two losses in a row for Liverpool (one regular season loss) is going to be tough on moral. Hopefully they can get it together and keep first. ⚽️
2019-01-07Recent posts from @manton regarding theme changes are exciting me. I’m looking forward to what the changes will be and hoping that tags are
2019-01-04The one thing I enjoy about the government shutdowns is how the post office has to explain they are separate from the government and the shutdown
2019-01-03Just found out on Windows 10, the man shrugging emoji is actually coded as the female shrugging with the male gender symbol.
2019-01-02My favorite coffee shop stopped selling Nitro Cold Brew. I’ve been going here for two years and getting Nitro every weekday. Unfortunately, it’s
2019-01-02Back to work today after a week and half off. I’m already calling this week due to it starting on Wednesday. It will consist of catch up on email
2019-01-01I realized the error in my original set up of my Blot post structures in Dropbox. Which was add all of the post files to the Post folder without
2018-12-31Late Christmas present to myself. Just in time for a fairly busy travel season.
2018-12-30Cooking a couple of Kansas City Steaks I got for Christmas. Hope they are as delicious as they look.
2018-12-29Liverpool really thrashed Arsenal today, with Tottenham falling to the Wolves that puts us 9 points clear on the board. Manchester City on Thursday.
2018-12-29The only item on my wishlist for DEVONthink To Go is for the clipper to be expanded so that I don’t have to scroll to see the tags entry area. On a
2018-12-28Just changed my Apple ID password and it was far less of a hassle than last time. One sign in then confirm on other devices, most confirmations were
2018-12-28I’m really liking the new Launch Center Pro. I’ve already moved a few apps off my home screen and am using 3D Touch to launch them with LCP instead,
2018-12-27Letterkenny seasons 3-6 are now on Hulu, so I know what I’ll be watching for a while.
2018-12-27Had some time yesterday and today to get a couple of items on my Blot wishlist done. Both web mentions and comments are now up and running, big
2018-12-26We just finished watching Derry Girls on Netflix. It was pretty funny, while laying subtle references to the social climate around them throughout
2018-12-26Liverpool is now 6 points up on the board. Arsenal on Saturday, should be a good match to watch. ⚽️
2018-12-25Today will be filled with British comedy show Christmas specials after a French toast breakfast, looking like it’s going to be a great Christmas!
2018-12-25Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it! 🎅🎁
2018-12-24My last minute Christmas shopping is out of the way. As I was leaving, the grocery store was getting packed. Bought the last gift I needed, so I am
2018-12-23After the migration to Blot
2018-12-22Hello from Blot.im! I’m officially moved over and ready to start posting. Thank you to @amit and @Blot for their help and patience, they were both
2018-12-21Looking forward to a relaxing break filled with downtime that will hopefully include reading a couple of books from a list I’ve been keeping for
2018-12-20Trying to figure out the best solution for Micro.blog and Blot. I’m going back and forth between going all in on Blot or keeping Micro.blog, but
2018-12-19TheBrain has been instrumental in keeping track of changes to make to Blot and keeping track of links with helpful CSS changes, JavaScript, and
2018-12-18Just started a @blot site for a test to see if I should move over from a Micro.blog hosted account and my goodness is it fast to propogate. I’m
2018-12-17Recently I’ve been taking the commuter rail instead of the boat for the late trains. People watching at South Station in Boston, MA at night has
2018-12-15I’ve been using Apple Music on my Echo all day, and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. It’s much easier than connecting an iPhone via Bluetooth,
2018-12-14Still haven’t had a response from Pinboard about the archiving issue, it’s been 3 weeks of no archiving or accessing archived pages. I’m down to 76%
2018-12-14Reached Intermediate in Todoist. When I first started using Todoist, I turned off Karma, but I’ve since turned it back on and am liking that it
2018-12-10I think about switching to Blot or another self hosted blog but find that I like the ease of using Micro.blog for hosting and not having to worry
2018-12-09I’m back to using a Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac w/Blue switches. I had been using the Apple bluetooth keyboard for a little while so
2018-12-09Somehow I missed Liverpool taking first place yesterday and Man. City losing to Chelsea. Let’s hope we can keep it. YNWA!
2018-12-07Only because I haven’t received a response from Maciej by emailing Pinboard.in’s Support, I am wondering if anyone else is having an issue using the
2018-12-06For as much as I have an issue with Symantec Ghost, the ability to capture an image of a machine then immediately put it back has saved me more than
2018-12-05Trying out Todoist again, the Quick Entry just can’t be beat in speed.
2018-12-04In November I read about @ron using Dropbox Paper to keep track of threads on Micro.blog and borrowed the idea. For a while I was using a file in
2018-11-29Really starting to dig into CSS on Micro.blog, just today I’ve changed my theme twice and then created entirely different custom CSS based on that
2018-11-24Just finished watching Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something funny to watch.
2018-11-20Cord Cutting Sets More Records, Yet Many Cable Giants Still Refuse To Compete On Price → Newsflash: it’s not stopping. The latest data from Kagan
2018-11-05Finally started playing around with CSS on Micro.blog and so far I like the changes. Hope to learn more to make it a bit more customized.
2018-11-03Started watching 9-1-1 and am really liking, very good casting thus far.
2018-11-02I’m amazed the volume box on iOS is still around, it’s so obstructive. I think it is time to think about a new UI, I would suggest something like
2018-10-31I love TheBrain, but bookmarklets are not the way to add complex information. I’m tired of companies and developers leaving Safari behind and
2018-10-30Tomorrow is both Halloween and the Red Sox World Series Champions Parade. The parade will be going right by my office building, should be an
2018-10-30Installing iOS 12.1 on my iPad and iPhone took about 10 minutes for download, install, and restart. Install for macOS 10.14.1 took about 3 minutes
2018-10-30I was really hoping to not have to buy the new iPad Pro, but unfortunately now I’m ending up with an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and a Smart Keyboard.
2018-10-26Since switching to Fastmail earlier this year I’ve found less reasons to use a client on the Mac. Their advanced search and ability to save searches
2018-10-25In advance of my ScanSnap ix1500 arriving tomorrow, DEVONtechnologies released DEVONthink 2.10.2, which restores integration after the switch to
2018-10-23Getting the new Fujitsu ScanSnap ix1500 Thursday, plus set up the Synology VPN Plus server = productive day. VPN has worked at the same speeds as
2018-10-23I think my favorite part of Adobe is when they change their licensing model without accounting for Education settings, such as classrooms, labs, and
2018-10-21Drinking coffee and watching @macsparky’s excellent OmniFocus Field Guide, Third Edition. Perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday morning.
2018-10-19Every so often I think about canceling my Encrypt.me subscription, but then I end up at the dealership for a service appointment that lasts 2-3
2018-10-18Today is already headed in a bad direction. Which has led to 2 Large Nitro Cold Brews at Ziggy’s Coffee Bar and so far 2 cups of Café Bustelo.
2018-09-25I’ve had the XS Max for a day now and found that the control center swipe target is a lot bigger than expected. All the reviews and comments online
2018-09-25I think this is the last time I am going to do a clean install of iOS. Previously I enjoyed sitting down and starting anew, but this time I found
2018-09-24The rumors regarding 3D touch going away in the next iPhone (based on the XR) are worrying me; I regularly use 3D touch to move the cursor. Though I
2018-09-24So far this morning I’ve purchased OmniFocus 3 Upgrade, David Sparks OmniFocus 3 Field Guide, and started watching the Field Guide. Hopefully, this
2018-09-21I lasted until today before purchasing the iPhone Xs Max. When a coworkers arrived I realized I’m on the upgrade yearly plan for a reason. So
2018-09-19I find myself continuously using the Share Sheet for filling 1Password logins instead of using the new Autofill feature. It’s going to take a while
2018-09-15Recently started using TheBrain for notes, it is incredibly powerful. Search is far better than most applications I’ve used, and the iOS app leaves
2018-08-15Revelation of a Liverpool Soccer Fan → The only religious commitment I have is to the Liverpool Football Club. Agreed.
2018-08-10Took the plunge yesterday and deleted all my tweets, but ended up not deactivating it. I still find it’s the best way to reach out to some companies
2018-08-06I’ve recently gone all in on Synology NAS and Router solutions. I just enabled the Let’s Encrypt cert on my NAS and found out there is no easy way
2018-08-05Finally went through and trimmed my Fastmail aliases then re-organized them into broader categories. Already easier to know which email address to
2018-07-31Finally got around to importing a number of my Instagram photos. Import was very easy and I was very happy I could select which ones to import
2018-07-31Private and Secure File Transfer with Dropshare Just started using Dropshare this weekend when I need to share a bunch of files. Started with a B2
2018-07-28Of course Verizon is having a large network issue (in the Greater Boston area) affecting about 50% of the sites I need to use today.
2018-07-27Finally getting around to cleaning out my Pinboard.in bookmarks, between this and the FileMaker excursion, this weekend should be fun.
2018-07-21Just canceled my BackBlaze computer backup subscription and switched to Arq + BackBlaze B2 cloud backup. I had a file I lost and didn’t realize it
2018-07-18Trying out a personal Discourse site as a note taking/reference app. It’s been working great so far.
2018-07-14Cleaning up my BackBlaze B2 bucket I am using for backing up my Synology. Finally had the time to split the bucket into multiple buckets for
2018-06-28So far this has been a highly disappointing World Cup for me personally (due to my bracket), but overall a fascinating one with so many upsets. ⚽️
2018-06-28Really need England and Panama to win today so that I get that Group perfect in my bracket.
2018-06-22Really hoping Germany doesn’t fall to the same issues as France, Italy, and Spain: What’s the German Word for ‘Cursed at the World Cup’?
2018-06-20If you have a Wall Street Journal subscription you can get The Times of London for a year for free, didn’t even ask for my credit card during
2018-06-18Been using Paperback almost everyday since I heard about it on Micro.blog, it’s allowed me to cut down my unread items by half. I forget who
2018-05-31Really hoping to see an iPad Pro with Face ID next week. If Apple doesn’t have it ready I hope they at least announce an estimated date or open
2018-05-18I don’t think you are using the word “needs” correctly:
2018-05-17Finding myself turning to Micro.blog instead of Twitter for leisure time, I guess it’s almost time to cut out Twitter completely.
2018-05-15I think the worst part of PowerShell is finally fixing the tiny syntax error you made then looking back on it realizing if you had typed it
2018-05-02Some days the Office 365 Admin portal allows you to create 5 migration batches in less than 10 minutes. Then other days you’re lucky if you’ve
2018-04-26Custom perspectives are really clicking for me with OmniFocus 3. Loving the conditions, especially the None of the following and has Defer date. I’m
2018-04-22So do we all think that yesterday’s 8 hour maintenance fixed the notification issues in TestFlight?

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