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2019-04-14I realized I’ve missed a few notifications for posts recently because I didn’t get the iOS notification. I guess it’s time to set a
2019-03-17Recently I’ve only visited in the mornings. It’s helped me read more and gives me time to plan out thoughtful responses. Nothing against
2019-03-14Recently I’ve found myself more willing to ask people questions online or via email. I believe this change can be attributed to my active presence
2019-03-09Glad to see @manton added yearly billing for hosting. I still have my hosting and switched to yearly billing immediately.
2019-03-04Brad Enslen - DuckDuckGo site search box for → Just a re-reminder for users: you can get the customizable code for the
2019-02-26Switched over to a JSON feed after seeing some issues with posting to Now all posts are coming through. adding dark mode on the macOS app has moved my usage on the Mac completely to the app. Thanks @manton!
2019-01-07Recent posts from @manton regarding theme changes are exciting me. I’m looking forward to what the changes will be and hoping that tags are
2018-12-28I’ll preface this with saying I am decidedly against likes on I feel we should be interacting via conversations with other users instead
2018-12-23After the migration to Blot
2018-12-20Trying to figure out the best solution for and Blot. I’m going back and forth between going all in on Blot or keeping, but
2018-12-18Just started a @blot site for a test to see if I should move over from a hosted account and my goodness is it fast to propogate. I’m
2018-12-16How Can I Just Write?
2018-12-10I think about switching to Blot or another self hosted blog but find that I like the ease of using for hosting and not having to worry
2018-12-10True Post Preview on
2018-12-04In November I read about @ron using Dropbox Paper to keep track of threads on and borrowed the idea. For a while I was using a file in Dark Theme Changes
2018-12-01My Journey into CSS
2018-11-29Really starting to dig into CSS on, just today I’ve changed my theme twice and then created entirely different custom CSS based on that
2018-11-05Finally started playing around with CSS on and so far I like the changes. Hope to learn more to make it a bit more customized.
2018-05-17Finding myself turning to instead of Twitter for leisure time, I guess it’s almost time to cut out Twitter completely.

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