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2019-03-17Recently I’ve only visited in the mornings. It’s helped me read more and gives me time to plan out thoughtful responses. Nothing against
2019-03-14Recently I’ve found myself more willing to ask people questions online or via email. I believe this change can be attributed to my active presence
2019-03-09Glad to see @manton added yearly billing for hosting. I still have my hosting and switched to yearly billing immediately.
2019-03-04Brad Enslen - DuckDuckGo site search box for → Just a re-reminder for users: you can get the customizable code for the
2019-02-26Switched over to a JSON feed after seeing some issues with posting to Now all posts are coming through.
2019-01-07Recent posts from @manton regarding theme changes are exciting me. I’m looking forward to what the changes will be and hoping that tags are
2018-12-28I’ll preface this with saying I am decidedly against likes on I feel we should be interacting via conversations with other users instead
2018-12-23After the migration to Blot
2018-12-20Trying to figure out the best solution for and Blot. I’m going back and forth between going all in on Blot or keeping, but
2018-12-18Just started a @blot site for a test to see if I should move over from a hosted account and my goodness is it fast to propogate. I’m
2018-12-16How Can I Just Write?
2018-12-10I think about switching to Blot or another self hosted blog but find that I like the ease of using for hosting and not having to worry
2018-12-10True Post Preview on
2018-12-04In November I read about @ron using Dropbox Paper to keep track of threads on and borrowed the idea. For a while I was using a file in Dark Theme Changes
2018-12-01My Journey into CSS
2018-11-29Really starting to dig into CSS on, just today I’ve changed my theme twice and then created entirely different custom CSS based on that
2018-11-05Finally started playing around with CSS on and so far I like the changes. Hope to learn more to make it a bit more customized.
2018-05-17Finding myself turning to instead of Twitter for leisure time, I guess it’s almost time to cut out Twitter completely.

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