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2019-02-18I love the look of Carbonize shared code snippets and want to start using them. I also don’t want to force people to have to rewrite the code, so
2019-02-18❄️ I didn’t check the weather forecast for today and woke up to ~3 inches of snow with drifts close to 3 feet due to the wind. Thankfully I have
2019-02-17For anyone who has a single file journal for the day and time stamps entries: Do you time stamp in chronological or reverse order? I’m trying to set
2019-02-06🍿 Watched: Rebellion Rebellion is a five part serial drama about the birth of modern Ireland. The story is told from the perspectives of a group
2019-02-05The amount of people who are in Boston for the Patriots parade who are already drunk is ridiculous. It is 8:30 A.M. and I’ve seen about 20 people
2019-02-01February 2019 Home Screen
2019-02-01Dropshare’s iOS app was updated to allow for shortening links on iOS. I think this is the year I stop using CloudApp. It’s overpriced for what it
2019-01-31On the one hand, I love how easy VDI environments are to manage. On the other, VMware is a cesspool of terribleness that should be burned to the
2019-01-30The new customization options on hosted blogs look nice. Glad to see more options for greater customization along with categories.
2019-01-28I’m considering subscribing to The Economist. Does anyone on read it or previously subscribed? Do you have an opinion one way or another?
2019-01-28🍿 Watched: Polar
2019-01-28📖 Currently Reading: Atomic Habits by James Clear
2019-01-23Purchased AirPods Wings and AirPods Waterproof Case. I’ll see how it goes, but I need something for the AirPods to keep them in my ear during heavy adding dark mode on the macOS app has moved my usage on the Mac completely to the app. Thanks @manton!
2019-01-22With Apple Pay coming to Target, I’m down to Cumberland Farms as the only place I go regularly that still doesn’t accept Apple Pay. Hopefully it
2019-01-19I usually go grocery shopping Saturday or Sunday morning, decided the previous weekend by which day I have breakfast with my grandmother. Last week
2019-01-16I’m trying to find a writing app for Windows for blogging. Currently, I am using Notepad++, which I use for script/file editing. I sometimes use
2019-01-13Weekly grocery shop done before 8:30 with about 15 other shoppers in the store. I call that a successful trip. ✅
2019-01-12🍿 Watching: BirdBox
2019-01-11Purchased a Mechanical Bluetooth Keyboard on a recommendation. I’ll also be buying a Pocket Tripod once the black version is in stock. Together
2019-01-11Since mid-December, we’ve been unable to migrate accounts to Office 365 and been back and forth with Microsoft regarding the issue. Finally today we
2019-01-11Debating to separate my short posts for out into a secondary Blot blog with a separate domain, then keep my regular domain/Blot site for
2019-01-10The Bose QC 35II were the best purchase I’ve made in a while. They are amazing for noise canceling and sound quality is great.
2019-01-10Finally getting around to archiving about 8GBs of email (~7 years) from my old Gmail account to DEVONthink. Takes a while for it to grab all of the
2019-01-10The last friction I had using Blot is gone. Yesterday the summary metadata was fixed to show the first line when the title field was blank, if
2019-01-07I didn’t realize you could set up the Micro.
2019-01-07Two losses in a row for Liverpool (one regular season loss) is going to be tough on moral.
2019-01-07Recent posts from @manton regarding theme changes are exciting me.
2019-01-04The one thing I enjoy about the government shutdowns is how the post office has to explain they are separate from the government and the shutdown has no affect on their day to day business.
2019-01-03Just found out on Windows 10, the man shrugging emoji is actually coded as the female shrugging with the male gender symbol.
2019-01-02January 2019 Home Screen
2019-01-02My favorite coffee shop stopped selling Nitro Cold Brew.
2019-01-02Back to work today after a week and half off.
2019-01-01I realized the error in my original set up of my Blot post structures in Dropbox.
2018-12-31Late Christmas present to myself.
2018-12-30Cooking a couple of Kansas City Steaks I got for Christmas.
2018-12-29Liverpool really thrashed Arsenal today, with Tottenham falling to the Wolves that puts us 9 points clear on the board.
2018-12-29The only item on my wishlist for DEVONthink To Go is for the clipper to be expanded so that I don’t have to scroll to see the tags entry area.
2018-12-28I’ll preface this with saying I am decidedly against likes on Micro.
2018-12-28Just changed my Apple ID password and it was far less of a hassle than last time.
2018-12-28I’m really liking the new Launch Center Pro.
2018-12-27Letterkenny seasons 3-6 are now on Hulu, so I know what I’ll be watching for a while.
2018-12-27Had some time yesterday and today to get a couple of items on my Blot wishlist done.
2018-12-26We just finished watching Derry Girls on Netflix.
2018-12-26Liverpool is now 6 points up on the board.
2018-12-25Today will be filled with British comedy show Christmas specials after a French toast breakfast, looking like it’s going to be a great Christmas!
2018-12-25Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!
2018-12-24My last minute Christmas shopping is out of the way.
2018-12-23After the migration to Blot
2018-12-22Hello from Blot.
2018-12-21Looking forward to a relaxing break filled with downtime that will hopefully include reading a couple of books from a list I’ve been keeping for eight years.
2018-12-20Trying to figure out the best solution for Micro.
2018-12-19TheBrain has been instrumental in keeping track of changes to make to Blot and keeping track of links with helpful CSS changes, JavaScript, and reference documents.
2018-12-18Just started a @blot site for a test to see if I should move over from a Micro.
2018-12-17Recently I’ve been taking the commuter rail instead of the boat for the late trains.
2018-12-15I’ve been using Apple Music on my Echo all day, and I couldn’t be more pleased with it.
2018-12-14Still haven’t had a response from Pinboard about the archiving issue, it’s been 3 weeks of no archiving or accessing archived pages.
2018-12-14Reached Intermediate in Todoist.
2018-12-10I think about switching to Blot or another self hosted blog but find that I like the ease of using Micro.
2018-12-09I’m back to using a Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac w/Blue switches.
2018-12-09Somehow I missed Liverpool taking first place yesterday and Man.
2018-12-07Only because I haven’t received a response from Maciej by emailing Pinboard.
2018-12-06For as much as I have an issue with Symantec Ghost, the ability to capture an image of a machine then immediately put it back has saved me more than once.
2018-12-05Trying out Todoist again, the Quick Entry just can’t be beat in speed.
2018-12-04In November I read about @ron using Dropbox Paper to keep track of threads on Micro.
2018-11-29Really starting to dig into CSS on Micro.
2018-11-24Just finished watching Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia.
2018-11-20Cord Cutting Sets More Records, Yet Many Cable Giants Still Refuse To Compete On Price →
2018-11-05Finally started playing around with CSS on Micro.
2018-11-03Started watching 9-1-1 and am really liking, very good casting thus far.
2018-11-02I’m amazed the volume box on iOS is still around, it’s so obstructive.
2018-10-31I love TheBrain, but bookmarklets are not the way to add complex information.
2018-10-30Tomorrow is both Halloween and the Red Sox World Series Champions Parade.
2018-10-30Installing iOS 12.
2018-10-30I was really hoping to not have to buy the new iPad Pro, but unfortunately now I’m ending up with an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and a Smart Keyboard.
2018-10-26Since switching to Fastmail earlier this year I’ve found less reasons to use a client on the Mac.
2018-10-25In advance of my ScanSnap ix1500 arriving tomorrow, DEVONtechnologies released DEVONthink 2.
2018-10-23Getting the new Fujitsu ScanSnap ix1500 Thursday, plus set up the Synology VPN Plus server = productive day.
2018-10-23I think my favorite part of Adobe is when they change their licensing model without accounting for Education settings, such as classrooms, labs, and VDI environments, should be a fun day.
2018-10-21Drinking coffee and watching @macsparky’s excellent OmniFocus Field Guide, Third Edition.
2018-10-19Every so often I think about canceling my Encrypt.
2018-10-18Today is already headed in a bad direction.
2018-09-25I’ve had the XS Max for a day now and found that the control center swipe target is a lot bigger than expected.
2018-09-25I think this is the last time I am going to do a clean install of iOS.
2018-09-24The rumors regarding 3D touch going away in the next iPhone (based on the XR) are worrying me; I regularly use 3D touch to move the cursor.
2018-09-24So far this morning I’ve purchased OmniFocus 3 Upgrade, David Sparks OmniFocus 3 Field Guide, and started watching the Field Guide.
2018-09-21I lasted until today before purchasing the iPhone Xs Max.
2018-09-19I find myself continuously using the Share Sheet for filling 1Password logins instead of using the new Autofill feature.
2018-09-15Recently started using TheBrain for notes, it is incredibly powerful.
2018-08-15Revelation of a Liverpool Soccer Fan →
2018-08-10Took the plunge yesterday and deleted all my tweets, but ended up not deactivating it.
2018-08-06I’ve recently gone all in on Synology NAS and Router solutions.
2018-08-05Finally went through and trimmed my Fastmail aliases then re-organized them into broader categories.
2018-07-31Finally got around to importing a number of my Instagram photos.
2018-07-31Private and Secure File Transfer with Dropshare Just started using Dropshare this weekend when I need to share a bunch of files.
2018-07-28Of course Verizon is having a large network issue (in the Greater Boston area) affecting about 50% of the sites I need to use today.
2018-07-27Finally getting around to cleaning out my Pinboard.
2018-07-21Just canceled my BackBlaze computer backup subscription and switched to Arq + BackBlaze B2 cloud backup.
2018-07-18Trying out a personal Discourse site as a note taking/reference app.
2018-07-14Cleaning up my BackBlaze B2 bucket I am using for backing up my Synology.
2018-06-28So far this has been a highly disappointing World Cup for me personally (due to my bracket), but overall a fascinating one with so many upsets.
2018-06-28Really need England and Panama to win today so that I get that Group perfect in my bracket.
2018-06-22Really hoping Germany doesn’t fall to the same issues as France, Italy, and Spain: What’s the German Word for ‘Cursed at the World Cup’?
2018-06-20If you have a Wall Street Journal subscription you can get The Times of London for a year for free, didn’t even ask for my credit card during signup: Access The Times of London With a Complimentary 12-Month Subscription
2018-06-18Been using Paperback almost everyday since I heard about it on Micro.
2018-05-31Really hoping to see an iPad Pro with Face ID next week.
2018-05-18I don’t think you are using the word “needs” correctly:
2018-05-17Finding myself turning to Micro.
2018-05-15I think the worst part of PowerShell is finally fixing the tiny syntax error you made then looking back on it realizing if you had typed it correctly you would have been done an hour ago.
2018-05-07Foggy but calm morning here in Hull.
2018-05-02Some days the Office 365 Admin portal allows you to create 5 migration batches in less than 10 minutes.
2018-04-26Custom perspectives are really clicking for me with OmniFocus 3.
2018-04-22So do we all think that yesterday’s 8 hour maintenance fixed the notification issues in TestFlight?
2018-04-12Started carrying the Field Notes Daily Carry and have loved it!

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