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2019-06-24In my on going obsession to privatize my data exposure, I’ve set up VPN Plus Server on my Synology router. Works great, and allows me to close
2019-06-20I really need the new Synology Drive On-demand Sync to be added to the macOS client and I think I’ll be ready to drop Dropbox to the free tier.
2019-06-17I’ve been fighting with Resilio for 3 days off and on trying to get it to use the Let’s Encrypt certificate that I use for my NAS. Every other
2019-06-14Testing out Synology Drive and Resilio for private file syncing. Drive has more options, easier to use, and uses about a quarter of the resources
2019-05-20I’m amazed at how much faster syncing DEVONthink databases to WebDAV on the Synology is compared to iCloud and Dropbox. It’s ridiculously faster
2019-05-20Set up WebDav on my Synology and changed a couple of DEVONthink databases over to the WebDav for syncing. It’s ridiculously fast, and now I’m
2018-08-06I’ve recently gone all in on Synology NAS and Router solutions. I just enabled the Let’s Encrypt cert on my NAS and found out there is no easy way

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