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2019-05-17Monica CRM Experiment
2019-05-01App Spring Cleaning and Ranting
2019-04-08BrainBox Shortcuts
2018-12-19TheBrain has been instrumental in keeping track of changes to make to Blot and keeping track of links with helpful CSS changes, JavaScript, and
2018-12-09Using TheBrain
2018-12-04In November I read about @ron using Dropbox Paper to keep track of threads on Micro.blog and borrowed the idea. For a while I was using a file in
2018-10-31I love TheBrain, but bookmarklets are not the way to add complex information. I’m tired of companies and developers leaving Safari behind and
2018-09-15Recently started using TheBrain for notes, it is incredibly powerful. Search is far better than most applications I’ve used, and the iOS app leaves

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