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2019-04-17I love writing my posts in Drafts on iOS and macOS. Unfortunately Monday-Friday 7:45-15:45 I’m stuck on Windows and therefore when I go to work on a
2019-04-05With my move iCloud Drive, I was hoping Ulysses would have iCloud Drive support. Unfortunately, the Ulysses library does not show its folder. I
2019-03-24Keyboard Maestro and Drafts
2019-03-07Return to Sublime Text
2019-03-04Between TextExpander and Drafts, I have a great workflow for posting to Blot on iOS. On the Mac, I’m writing the posts in Drafts, then going to iOS
2019-02-26I want to move to iA Writer everywhere, but the lack of TextExpander support on iOS is killing me. I thought I could get away without it on iOS, but
2019-01-29Writing with iA Writer
2019-01-16I’m trying to find a writing app for Windows for blogging. Currently, I am using Notepad++, which I use for script/file editing. I sometimes use
2019-01-11Purchased a Mechanical Bluetooth Keyboard on a recommendation. I’ll also be buying a Pocket Tripod once the black version is in stock. Together

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